25 de set. 2012

30 Segons Indescriptibles - Furius Baco - Port Aventura / 30 Indescribable Seconds - Furius Baco - Port Aventura

Puges a la vagoneta. Sembla una muntanya russa més. Saps que aniràs molt ràpid. Estàs emocionat perquè t'agrada la velocitat, i aquí no hi ha pujades ni baixades: únicament velocitat. Jeje, perfecte. Esperes. Ho tens tot controlat. Llavors, fiuuuuu. Surts catapultat. No ho tenies tot controlat. No entens res. No entens què està passant. No entens com pot ser possible que estigui passant el que està passant. Però, què està passant? La teva ment no reacciona. Estàs al·lucinant, però sense haver fumat. Ni begut. Segueixes al·lucinant durant uns 25 segons més. La vagoneta para. Vas reaccionant. Segueixes sense entendre què ha passat, i com pot ser possible que hagi passat el que sigui que ha passat. En realitat tu no sabies què era anar molt ràpid. En realitat la sensació és indescriptible. És bestial. Impressionant. Brutal.
You get on the wagon. It looks more or less like any other roller coaster. You know you will go very fast. You're excited because you like speed, and there are no ups and downs here: just speed. So, perfect. You wait to get started. You have everything under control. Then, fiuuuuu. You've just been catapulted. You did not have everything under control. You don't understand anything. You don't understand what's going on. You can't understand how the hell whatever that's going on, can truly be going on. But, what is going on? Your mind does not respond to your questions. You are hallucinating, and you did not smoke, nor drink. You keep on hallucinating for about 25 more seconds. The wagon stops. Your mind slowly comes back from the stunned state. You still don't understand what has gone on, and how could it possibly happen whatever it is that just happened. You did not know what the word speed really meant. Actually, the feeling is indescribable. It's awesome.

(Spanish video)

(English video)